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Minutes of the 43rd Annual General Meeting, held on 14 March 2016

Present: John Harris (Chairman), David Hutton (Vice Chairman) Jan Szczelkun (Secretary),Les Davis (Treasurer), Rose Davis, Linda Eason,  Maureen Harris, Steve and Linda Howe, Garry Alderson

1  Welcome and Introductions

2  Apologies: Jim and Sue Brierley, Peggy Ballinger, Joe Hicks, Mike Webb

3 Minutes of Meeting held on 16 March 2015

 Minutes of meeting were circulated to committee members. They were confirmed as a true  record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman.

4 Matters Arising from AGM of 16 March 2015

 Car Park still an issue, some potholes have been filled in but it is now becoming a Health and  Safety issue.  Jan contacted B&Q for voluntary contribution but this was closed last week.   Parish Council is unhappy about resurfacing as it is not their land and this could involve legal  issues.  Possible help could be provided by builders who are building new houses in Station  Road.

 New shed is on hold for the time being.

5 Annual Report for 2016


 John read out the Annual Report, Allotment rent and membership money collected via the shop was very successful thanks to Jan and Maureen, old stock was also cleared due to 20% reduction over the majority of items and a 50p table to clear stock that had been in the shop for some time, including: peas and beans. Thanks to Les for keeping all the finances in order. Thanks to Dave Badminton for keeping the membership updated and website, also thanks to David Hutton for helping with delivering newsletters to volunteers. Thanks to Maureen for placing information in the local magazine. Thanks to Jim and Sue Brierley for doing the Dobies orders slightly up from last year. The Open Morning was successful, unfortunately the show had less entries than previous years.  Discussion took place around garden members to show how to dress entries for the show at the Open Morning.

6 Treasurers Report

Les went through the report in detail.

7 Auditors Report

Dianne and Tony Harris audited the report and the information was confirmed as a correct record.  

8 Adoption of the Balance Sheet

Proposed by Maureen Harris and Seconded by Jan Szczelkun

9 Election of Officers

 Chairman John Harris Proposed Rose Davis Seconded Les Davis

 Vice Chairman Steve Howe Proposed Dave Hutton Seconded Garry Alderson

 Secretary  Jan Szczelkun Proposed Les Davis Seconded Steve Howe

 Treasurer Les Davis Proposed Jan Szczelkun Seconded Linda Howe

10 Nominations for the Committee

 Maureen Harris  Mike Webb Rose Davis  Garry Alderson

 Proposed John Harris and Seconded by Jan Szczelkun

11 Election of Auditors

 Mrs Dianne Harris and Mr Tony Harris.

 Proposed by Jan Szczelkun, Seconded by Maureen Harris

12 AOB

 Discussion took place about the new cups for the show, John to investigate and email  members with costs.

 Joe Hicks handed back 3 old shields that he had found and returned his allotment keys.

 Steve has found some anti mould paint for the shop ceiling.

 Jan has accepted the Secretary role but wishes to have the systems re-evaluated.  i.e many  allotment holders and members now have an email address and could be contacted via this  route instead of mailshots

 Many thanks to Dave and Linda for all their support, Dave has stepped down from a position  but will still be a committee member, Linda wishes to stand down from the committee,  hopefully she will return in the future.